Shining 3D EinScan H 3D Scanner

The EinScan H 3D scanner ( is a hybrid portable color 3D scanner that combines LED and infrared light sources.
It is a new development by Shining 3D that allows you to scan your face as comfortably as possible without bright light.
With a built-in color camera and large field of view, the EinScan H provides high-quality, full-color 3D data, ready to use in minutes.


  • Art and museum activities: digital design of sculpture and other art objects
  • Forensics: data analysis and archiving
  • Virtual reality: VR / AR display
  • Consumer products customization
  • Healthcare: orthopedics, prosthetics, plastic surgery, digital diagnosis and treatment
  • Digital Entertainment: animations and games

Hybrid light source

Integration of structured LED light and invisible IR light into one device, as well as the addition of advanced smart presets in different scanning modes, allows the scanner to be used in a variety of applications.
Hybrid light source.jpg

Fast scanning

The EinScan H 1200000 dpi scanning speed and 420 x 440 mm visible area allow for quick scanning of large objects.
The optimized alignment algorithm ensures smooth alignment even with small movements of the object or person being scanned.

Easily portable and easy to operate

Compact size, intuitive, easy-to-use software and simple operation for both professional users and novices.

Full body scanning solution

Accurate hair scanning: finally there is a scanner that, by using infrared light, solves the problem of scanning dark objects, such as hair.

EinScan H Hair Scan – Face Scan uses an invisible infrared port to provide a convenient and safe scanning process.

Faithful color reproduction

Built-in color camera supports full-color texture capture.

Precise scanning

An impressively high resolution of up to 0.25mm. EinScan H captures the full geometry of objects, even complex artwork and furniture with fine details. High scan data accuracy of 0.05 mm and volumetric accuracy of 0.1 mm/m increase the accuracy of 3D modeling in a polygonal mesh or point cloud.

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