Sinterit Lisa Pro SLS 3D Printer

foto1The Lisa SLS 3D printer from Sinterit is a compact device weighing 90kg. The 3D printer requires little space and is filled with powder from above. Additional accessories are necessary so that 3D printing can be started. Therefore, the Sinterit Lisa Pro Set is recommended. With this, the user gets all the necessary accessories provided.

Price includes Sinterit basic software Studio, for printing PA12 and Flexa Grey (basic parameters). Price plus special packaging (flight case) and special shipping of net 400€.

The Lisa Pro SLS 3D printer from Sinterit

The Lisa Pro from Sinterit is an SLS 3D printer with a compact, lightweight design. The Lisa Pro 3D printer has a built-in nitrogen chamber, with quick-change coupling, which is needed to increase the variety of materials. Thus, the complete material range of Sinterit is usable. The unit weighs 90kg and its dimensions of 690mm x 500mm x 880mm make it easy to accommodate. The maximum construction volume is 110mm x 150mm x 245mm. All other data can be found in the data sheet below.

Sinterit Powder PA11, PA12 and Flexa Powder for Lisa Pro SLS-3D printer

The powder, which is filled into the printer from the top, can be reused after printing. The powder remaining after printing is put into the Sinterit Sieve (vibrator, sieve) and thus prepared again for the next print.

Sinterit PA11 Powder, Sinterit PA12 Powder and flexible materials can be used for the Lisa Pro SLS-3D printer. The SLS 3D printer including Studio Profiles, can only process Sinterit Powder. For other, open parameters, an upgrade of the software is necessary (see data sheet).

Post-processing of the components from the Sinterit SLS-3D printer

The 3D components from the Sinterit Lisa Pro 3D printer are processed or removed from the build space using the specially developed Deticated Powder Tools. Afterwards, the surfaces can be cleaned with the Sinterit sandblasting unit.

Data sheet Sinterit Lisa SLS 3D printer

The advantages of SLS-3D printing compared to FDM-3D printing and SLA-3D printing, cannot be denied. SLS-3D printing does not require any support structures. Thus, complex and fine geometries can be easily realized. The powder PA11 and PA12 is resistant and has a high-quality feel. The complete build space of the 3D printer can be filled with 3D printed objects – even vertically. This reduces the printing time per component. The process reliability is relatively high.


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