The CreatBot F1000: A high-performance, low-cost industrial 3D printer

The CreatBot F1000 is an industrial-sized 3D printer with automatically rising twin extruders, a 1000×1000×1000mm build volume, and other great features at a lower price point than other brands.

Large-scale FDM 3D printers tend to be expensive, especially those that can print high-quality models using professional-grade materials. The high price tag of these massive industrial machines has prevented many small businesses and manufacturers from using 3D printing technology to create prototypes or even make functional parts.

The new CreatBot F1000 ( aims to make large-scale 3D printing more affordable. How? By combining serious print volume and an impressive set of professional features with the secret ingredient: affordability.

CreatBot F1000: large build volume and smart features

The CreatBot F1000 offers an entire cubic meter of build volume (1000 × 1000 × 1000 mm) as well:

  • Automatically rising twin extruders with a maximum temperature of 420° C
  • Fully enclosed heated chamber
  • Heated filament compartment
  • Integrated camera for remote monitoring
  • Linear guide with servo drives
  • Precision and reliability make the CreatBot F1000 a terrific option for both industrial and professional users who need to print large prototypes or functional parts in one run.

One cubic meter for 3D assembly is quite a lot. Such a space can allow you to 3D print small production runs or huge prototypes, or even set up mass production of standard quality products! Here’s one happy customer at the F1000 3D printer:

In addition to the outstanding build volume, there are several other important features that make this new big 3D printer a big deal (pun intended). The CreatBot F1000 features new dual automatically rising extruders, an enclosed heated chamber, an automatic alignment system, and a built-in monitoring system that lets you control the printing process with an easy-to-use app.

This massive workhorse also has a quick print platform heater, which, along with the heated chamber, produces incredible results from professional-quality materials. Needless to say, the CreatBot F1000 sets a new standard in additive manufacturing and expands the capabilities of large-scale FDM 3D printers in terms of materials used, which in turn saves our customers time and money significantly.

The CreatBot F1000 has more than enough capacity for all real-world applications

The CreatBot F1000 is designed to make 3D printing of large-scale objects and prototypes as easy as possible. This industrial 3D printer was the answer to growing market demand in a range of industries.

The F1000 recently printed a large snake head for a theme park (pictured). The resulting object is high-resolution, one meter high, and weighs 35 kg. Can you imagine this huge 3D printer printing such a heavy model 24/7? A 1.5 mm nozzle was used, and it took more than 200 hours to print.

There are many other examples of the CreatBot F1000 actually working in professional environments. For example, one global supplier of advanced automotive systems and equipment used the CreatBot F1000 to design and develop molds for Audi, Volkswagen, Nissan, and GM car seats.

This video shows how these molds are printed. The bowl and lid have to withstand pressures up to 100 MPa, so 50% fill nylon-carbon fiber materials were used for production. The final accuracy of the model was +0.1 mm and passed the strictest tests that are often required in the automotive industry.

It took 120 hours to 3D print the mold cover and weighed 9 kg. The size of the part was 820 × 748 × 160 mm.

The mold bowl took 200 hours and weighed 16 kg. The size of this part was 820 × 748 × 200 mm.

After test runs, the performance of the CreatBot F1000 was on par or even better than some well-known brand industrial 3D printers from Germany or the United States with the difference, however, that this printer is more than three times cheaper than competitors. Somebody now regrets buying expensive, large-scale 3D printers instead of the impressively inexpensive and similarly capable CreatBot F1000!

Without a doubt, the CreatBot F1000 is the best choice for an industrial large-scale 3D printer that can handle engineering-grade materials.

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