3D Printer Stores Open in Netherlands


If you have a need to 3D print something, and just happen to be in Rotterdam, stop by the newest 3D printer shop, Ridix, and have your idea printed.

Ridex, a new 3D printer shop, has just opened its doors. According to 3Ders, it is among the first 3D printer stores to open in the Netherlands. Two other shops, located in Haarlem and Arnhem, are also offering 3D printers, products, and services. These shops represent a growing interest in 3D printing across the country.

MakerPoint, a 3D printer shop located in Arnhem, is another new addition. MakerPoint just opened its doors on January 22. With the motto “Everyone is a maker,” Makerpoint also offers a range of various 3D printers and 3D lifestyle products.

The 3D printer shop located in Haleem is called 3D Studio Van Pampus (3DSVP). This shop opened in 2013, and was the first 3D printing shop in the Netherlands. At 3DSVP, customers can upload their designs and work with the shop to create customized products. 3DSVP prints a lot of phone cases.

The growing access to the 3D printing experience that these stores offer encourages both enthusiasts and skeptics alike to learn more about 3D printing – in a hands-on way.

While the 3D printing process is innovative, it’s not instant. Generally, items such as a phone case take about 24 hours to print and another 24 hours to cool. However, 3D Studio Van Pampus has a desktop model, Leapfrog Creatr 3D, which produces faster results. Otherwise, if you have a few days to enjoy the sites around Rotterdam, you can use a more advanced high tech 3D printer and create a more complex design.

Ridex offers a range of services, including professional prototyping and in-store professional scanning that can be used to create your very own 3D printed selfie, which Ridex describes as having your own Madame Tussaud.

The early growth of 3D printing shops seems to be a sign of the increased interest in 3D printing technology – not just in the Netherlands, but globally as well. While many of the customers consider the technology to be fun and innovative, these stores also offer a great opportunity for consumers to learn more about the science behind 3D printing.