3D printing as big as internet, growing to $35 billion industry in 10 years

Here’s 3D printing evangelist and CEO of 3D Systems, Abe Reichental, making the case to the Financial Times’ manufacturing editor, Peter Marsh, that 3D printing will change the world.

We’ve seen other blogs carrying this story with headlines declaring that Mr. Reichental said 3D printing is going to be bigger than the internet. But that’s not what he said–he said it would be as big as the internet. It might have something to do with FT, the original source of the video, mistakenly titling their story, ‘3D printing ‘bigger than internet.’ Tsk, tsk, major media.

Here’s his actual quote:

Personally, I believe it’s the next big thing, as big as the steam engine was in it’s day, as big as the computer was in its day, and as big as the internet was in its day. And I believe that this is the next disruptive technology that is going to change everything.

He also said that he believes sales of 3D printers will rise from the current half a billion dollars in sales annually to around $35 billion in the next ten years. The FT editor didn’t look to sure about that. But those of us who agree with this growth rate have been and will continue to prosper along with it by investing in 3D printing stocks, and riding the huge mostly undiscovered technology wave.,

3D Systems is one of the largest makers of 3D printers, from a home model priced at $1,299, all the way up to commercial printers costing many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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