3D Printing Company Helps Louisiana-Based Musicians to Bring Their Ideas to Life


Lafayette, Louisiana-based 3D printing company IdeaZoo is bridging the gap between 3D printing and everyday designers, helping customers bring their ideas to life.

If you can think it, IdeaZoo can make it. The digital fabrication company makes product prototypes and short production runs with minimal setup costs. Their services are ideal for architectural models, engineering models, functional testing, product development, and more. They can use a wide variety of materials including foam, wood, soft metals, and plastics.

The company was started with two UL graduates and a small garage. They originally started by building and 3D printing small gadgets, but have since expanded into a studio.

IdeaZoo believes that “the future of manufacturing is a direct link between 3D modeling and part creation, with no intermediary steps.” They offer 3D printing as well as laser cutting. While some projects only require one or the other, many projects require the use of both machines to work in conjunction with each other.

IdeaZoo is currently working with local musicians, Element Instruments, to design customized drum components. Matthew Amy, owner of Element Instruments, says that he plans to work with IdeaZoo for future projects as well.

“The goal is to combine my engineering knowledge with advanced manufacturing and design know-how, which I find at IdeaZoo, to give back as much innovation and inspiration to the music community as our musicians give to us,” Amy said.

While most of IdeaZoo’s clients are locally based, they also have out-of-state and international clients. IdeaZoo offers the same treatment to locally based backyard inventors as they do to multinational corporations.

For more information on IdeaZoo, visit their website at www.ideazoola.com.