3D Printing Company Opens Second Shop in Italy


3DiTALY, which became the first 3D printing store in Italy when it opened in 2013, is opening a second store this month.

3DiTALY was started by a four-person team in 2013. Antonio Alliva, Carlo Mariella, Alessandro Papaleo, and Giampiero Romano opened their first store last year in Rome, and brought 3D printers to schools to help increase the awareness of 3D printing. Their motto? “Do it yourself,” and they are doing just that – helping others learn more about 3D printing while inspiring them to do it themselves.

The new store will not only sell the 3D printers but also offers 3D modeling, scanning, and printing for visitors and those interested. Have a design in mind but no printer? No problem, 3DiTALY offers customers the chance to bring their own design – and have it printed within a few hours.

They will also have 3D printed items for sell, such as eyeglasses, bracelets, phone cases, and figurines. Their store will also feature eco-friendly furniture and accessories created on 3D printers, bringing the ultimate 3D experience to life. While an ambitious project for sure, the ultimate goal of the company is to have stores throughout the country and in each city.

While the launch of the new stores is still underway, the newest store is set to open March 22 in Pescara, and 3DiTALY invites everyone (who can make it!) to join their new store launch party.