3D printing gives cycling team custom-fitted helmets

Team GB helmets

Bike helmets are a great invention. You know, if you enjoy staying alive. But like everything that is mass produced, people are going to have to be satisfied with small, medium and large. There’s no pointy head version, no egghead version. You better have a normal shaped head.

But wait! 3D printing to the rescue (once again)! What if you could scan your head and create a helmet that is manufactured to perfectly fit the shape of your head?

The UK firm Crux Product Design has done just that. It’s not yet ready for the weekend biker, but the UK’s Team GB are a lucky bunch. Crux has utilized innovative CAD methods, novel materials and 3D printing to create bespoke track and road cycling helmets the Team GB cyclists.

First they took 3D laser scans of each individual athlete’s head and created a CAD file from it. Then they used a 3D printer to turn the 3D models into rapid prototypes. Did this take weeks? No, it was done overnight. And the fit was flawless.

3D printing is empowering custom manufacturing in ways most never thought possible just ten years ago. Look for custom everything as we rocket into the future.

For more information on the helmets, go to: EurekaMazazine.co.uk

  • http://www.kraftwurx.com Chris Waldo

    Pretty interesting find Mark, do you know what kind of material this is done in? Type of finish applied? This looks really cool!

    • https://3dprinter.net mark

      I checked the article and it says the inner and outer shells are ABS plastic. Aluminium honeycomb is used for the helmet core.

  • http://www.kraftwurx.com Chris Waldo

    Very cool. Interesting find

  • C. Ocknose

    Are we living in the future already? This is mind-blowing!

  • Luke

    I cant wait for this to be an option for the non-team GB cyclist. I suffer from the cronic egg shape head. Ive tried so many brands, read the forums and still nothing that fits to a comfort level.

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