3D Printing in Space Challenge to Encourage Future Engineers

Many STEM, 3D Printing manufacturers, and other organizations that “Make” took advantage of the massive publicity coming out of the White House Maker Faire and National Day of Making to announce breaking news.  The Fab Foundation announced a $10 million grant from Chevron to fund new Fab Labs, and entertainer/entrepreneur will.i.am joined Coca-Cola and 3D Systems Corporation to announce a Cube 3D Printer running recycled plastic beverage bottles.  But one of the more far-out [pun intended!] announcements was a challenge for 3D Models that will be printed in space.



Aimed toward stimulating interest in engineering among students in grades K – 12, Future Engineers is setting up a challenge for young designers to create 3D models for space. This comes as NASA and Made In Space are launching the first-ever Zero-G 3D printer to space this year. To celebrate the ‘In Space Manufacturing’ revolution, NASA and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Foundation are partnering to develop a series of 3D design challenges and curriculum exclusively for students.  The program is expected to start this summer. The winning student’s design will be 3D printed  on the International Space Station, so it will be one of the first parts in history to be manufactured in space.

Students, parents, teachers, and advisors can sign up to get notification on the 1st challenge.  The website will be loaded with resource material, ideas, and opportunities to interact!  Sign up today to join the out-of-this-world fun!