3D printing lets artist Kevin Mack be a mad scientist

Mark Frauenfelder is Editor-in-Chief of MAKE magazine, a magazine that teaches and encourages do-it-yourself living, and he is also as he puts it, “a writer, editor, illustrator and maker of things.” A busy and creative guy, he’s also the founder of BoingBoing.

Prior to all that, when working at Wired magazine in the late 90’s, he did a profile of Kevin Mack, because Mack was the visual effects supervisor for Fight Club. He was fascinated by the mathematical art he was creating by using “algorithmic seeds.”

The two hooked up again for the above interview on The Advant/Garde Dairies, a digital interview magazine. Their conversion quickly shifted to how 3D printing has moved his mathematical art into the next physical dimension.

Kevin Mack explains that he started discovering 3d printing, and loved that he could take these genetic algorithmic shapes that where 3D computer art and turn them into real 3D objects. And he says the cool thing is there is no other way you can make these objects because they are so intricate that you can’t get tools inside them, you can’t cast them–the only way you can do it is with a 3D printer.

I think this quote of Kevin’s in the video says it all: “I love when I could be like a mad scientist…I can make my imagination physical.”

Yes, I think that about sums it all up.