“3D Printing: Make anything you want,” a video worth watching

Nearly every major news media outlet has created a video about 3D printing in the last year. And here’s another. But this production is considerably better than most of the others — perhaps better than all of them. In this 13-minute video called “3D Printing: Make anything you want,” Carolyn Jarvis, Chief Correspondent of Canada’s Global TV, presents an extensive look at 3D printing technology and industry, complete with interviews of some movers and shakers.

It begins with an interview with Dr. Anthony Atala of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Technology, and they discuss his bioprinting of human bladders and other organs. Then, Cornell’s Dr. Hod Lipson explains how 3D printing has changed dramatically from its early days of just printing prototypes to printing functional parts today, including edible items. Following Lipson is Makerbot CEO Bre Pettis, CEO of MakerBot, who discusses everyday uses of hobby printers and his new retail store in New York. And what would an overview of 3D printing be without ending on a dramatic tone with an interview with Cody Wilson of Defense Unlimited, a group that is working towards a 3D printed gun.

All in all, worth watching and sharing.

h/t: Faballoo