3D Printing Makeup

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3D printing has been used for a wide range of different products and now it seems to be making its way into the cosmetics sector as well.

The “Mink” is a desktop printer that is designed to print makeup of any kind, in any color. The printer allows users to choose any color off the web or in the real world, and use a color picker to locate the hex code of the color. Users then put the code into Photoshop and press print. According to Techcrunch, blush, eye shadow, and any other type of makeup can be printed this way.

Mink Founder Grace Choi says that the ingredients in the makeup that the Mink prints are comparable to makeup already on the market –yet the 3D printed makeup allows instant customization, and is more affordable too. Choi also notes that while consumers are sometimes loyal or partial to certain brands, they are more focused on convenience and 3D printed makeup is convenient.

It also allows anyone with a need for a unique and uncommon color to create their own custom shade, something that can’t be found in common drugstore makeup where the selection is somewhat limited. High-end shops offer more colors and products but they charge more.

With Mink and the products offered by the 3D printer, users have the ability for instant gratification when it comes to makeup. Just choose the color you want, find the code, and press print. While the company plans to target younger consumers (ages 13-21), they are also open and plan to offer products for those who are older as well.

Set to launch later this year, the Mink is expected to retail between $200 and $300. However interesting the concept, it will be interesting to see if consumers are willing to pay the initial expense for a custom makeup printing machine when a one-time tub of your favorite cosmetic is likely available at a small fraction of the cost.