3D printer for high-performance materials: INTAMSYS introduces FUNMAT HT Enhanced, new PEEK 3D printer


Shanghai, China-based 3D printer manufacturer INTAMSYS introduces the FUNMAT HT Enhanced, its latest 3D printer for high-performance functional materials. The FUNMAT HT Enhanced represents a high-performance, easy-to-use industrial 3D printer and can additively process PEEK and ULTREM (PEI), among other carbon fiber composites.

Since INTAMSYS introduced the FUNMAT HT at the 2016 formnext trade show in Frankfurt, Germany, the 3D printer has been praised for its powerful capabilities for printing functional materials, especially using PEEK and ULTEM™ (PEI), as well as carbon fiber composites.

During the formnext 2018 trade show, INTAMSYS introduced its new, innovative additive manufacturing machines, the FUNMAT PRO 410, and expanded its materials portfolio to include new PEKK and PEEK-CF filaments, which open up many new possibilities for high-performance, functional applications.

FUNMAT HT 3D Printer

INTAMSYS (which means “INTelligent Additive Manufacturing SYStems”) is a manufacturer of smart, easy-to-use industrial 3D printers specializing in high-performance functional materials such as PEEK, PEEK-CF, PEKK, ULTEM, PPSU, and engineering materials such as PC, PA, PA-CF, ABS.

New features

In the latest version of the already popular FUNMAT HT, INTAMSYS engineers have developed new plate sensors to develop the new automatic leveling process. Using a mechanical system to level the build plate at 160°C, the printer controller applies algorithms and adjusts the build plate position during production, which is especially important for high-temperature materials. This “Enhanced FUNMAT HT” automatic leveling smart function brings more power to 3D printing and makes operation much easier and safer.

In addition, an easily removable magnetic glass ceramic build plate has been added. The new build plate allows for higher heat output and less thermal deformation of filaments – and it’s also easier to use with the magnetic triggers. These significant improvements result in higher printing precision, speed and reliability of the system.


Based in Shanghai, INTAMSYS’ engineering team is constantly providing technological innovations to improve its high-performance industrial 3D printers. Their FUNMAT HT machines provide impressive solutions for the 3D printing industry, offering unlimited possibilities to leading aerospace, automotive, medical and research customers worldwide.

INTAMSYS operates a number of manufacturing and research facilities and is committed to the highest design and manufacturing quality standards. The INTAMSYS vision is clear: Create endless possibilities to customize our future lives!

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