CreatBot F430 PEEK 3D printer

The CreatBot F430 is a professional 3D printer ( from a world-renowned brand. One of the printer’s 2 extruders is high-temperature, so it works with a wide range of plastics.

F430 is suitable for the production of functional parts and for tasks where wear resistance, durability, high corrosion resistance of products are important. The printer can be successfully used for the production of components for electronics and automation, in the medical and engineering industries, aircraft construction, mass production, prototyping and other areas.

Features of CreatBot F430 3D printer:

  1. High flexibility in material selection
    3D printer is equipped with a replaceable double extruder. The left extruder is heated up to 260 °C and is used for printing standard plastics (PLA, ABS, PC, Nylon, Carbon, Flex, etc.). The right martensitic steel extruder with heating up to 420 °C is designed for printing with high-temperature materials (PEEK, ULTEM, etc.).
  2. Incredible accuracy and high speed printing
    Developers paid special attention to the feeding system of plastic and the creation of a rail, which were able to provide high-speed printing without loss of quality. The plastic is fed evenly without jamming the nozzle, with printing accuracy up to 0.04 mm and speed up to 180 mm/sec.
  3. Stable printing
    The one-piece steel housing guarantees printing stability and a long life of the printer. The F430 has a fully enclosed print chamber that maintains a stable temperature inside and prevents temperature fluctuations in the print area. With the heating system inside the chamber, you can reach temperatures up to 70 °C.
  4. Resume printing, filament end sensor and automatic power off
    If there is a power outage, the printer will automatically remember the current print data and resume printing when the power comes back on. If the plastic runs out or printing errors occur, the printer will stop and report the problem. After the printing process is complete, the power will automatically turn off.
  5. Intuitive 4.3-inch touch screen with one-click access to the most essential functions.
  6. Glass ceramic platform
    The microcrystalline printing platform supports high thermal efficiency. You can set the table heat to automatically turn off after a certain number of layers.
  7. Air filtration system
    The air filtration system adsorbs impurities and gases from the printing process. This ensures safer and more comfortable operation of the printer and allows it to be used at home, school or office.
  8. Auto Calibration
    25-point calibration with BL-Touch sensor. The intelligent table height compensation system allows for fully automatic calibration during the printing process.
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