KREMEN Offers Unique Ribbed Filaments in Protective Cartridges

The Russian group of companies KREMEN has released a line of materials for FDM 3D printers: KREMEN Ribbed Surface. This series of filaments was made with the desire to get rid of annoying little things: slipping and tangling of the rod during printing, the need for drying and cleaning from dust before loading into 3D printers.

The image illustrates a Delta 3D Printer. If you’re interested in a professional delta solution, explore the Delta WASP 2040 Pro 3D Printer.

The developers rightly believe that users should be able to go about their business in peace, knowing that in their absence, the 3D printer will not produce a mountain of half a product and a mountain of plastic noodles. A new line of proprietary filaments called KREMEN Ribbed Surface should solve the most common problems.

The new materials differ from competitive offerings in the 3D printing market:

  1. Cartridge-type distribution packaging. The reel and box are one piece, the reel is free to scroll inside. The edge of the rod is brought out and secured in an additional eyelet. The end does not need to be held, and you can print simply by placing the box next to the 3D printer.
  2. Ribbed bar. Across the entire length of the filament there are transverse notches equally distant from each other, making the surface of the rod ribbed. According to the idea of the developers, this form of filament gives a reliable grip on the feeding mechanism of the 3D printer – the plastic will not slip and ensures 3D printing without skips.
  3. Packaging is “hot”, right out of the drying chamber. The filament does not need to be dried and cleaned, you can print immediately after opening the packaging film.

The company offers 1.75 mm diameter filaments of PLA, ABS and PETG in black and white color in one kilogram packages at retail prices of 1300-1515 rubles. Wholesale orders are made with substantial discounts. Additional information is available on the official site.


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