Modix Introduces Version 3 of its Large Format 3D Printer Kits Modix Big-60 and Modix Big-120X


Offered as kits, the Modix Big-60 and Modix Big-120X ( large-format 3D printers are the flagship products of Israeli 3D printer manufacturer Modix. Now the company is unveiling version 3.0 of the two 3D printers. You can read about the new features of the Modix Big-60 V3 and the Modix Big-120X V3 here.

Israeli 3D printer manufacturer Modix has unveiled two new large-format 3D printers, the Modix Big-60 version 3.0 and the Modix Big-120X version 3.0. These come as kits, resulting in a reduced price. The modular design of the Modix devices allows users to customize the 3D printer to meet their specific printing needs.

Reliability, print quality and easier assembly were at the forefront of the optimization work for the version 3.0 models, the manufacturer reported in a statement to 3D-grenzenlos Magazine. In 2018, we had first introduced the Modix Extra Large 120X large-format 3D printer. In June 2019, Modix announced a reseller program alongside four other large-format 3D printers to boost its global sales.

Details on the new releases

Modix Big-60 and Modix Big-120X 3D Printers Version 3.
Both the Modix Big-60 and Modix Big-120X 3D printers have been redesigned in terms of reliability, print quality and assembly (image © Modix).
For all key components including print head, controller, driver, user interface, motion system, etc., Modix says it relies on high quality components. Among them, Modix counts the Duet3D controller with WIFI, advanced drivers and more. The Trinamic TMC2660 motor driver controls particularly quietly and has more power than its predecessor. The Polish manufacturer Prusa also relies on a stepper motor that works with a Trinamic driver for the open-source SLA 3D printer SL1.

Users can interact with the Modix Big-60 and Modix Big-120X version 3 via a 7-inch touchscreen, a Web interface, the SD card or USB. The E3D Aero extruder features a larger heat sink and stronger fan for better closed-chamber performance. The 3D printers are compatible with all E3D hotends. The V6 hotend is for detailed prints, the Volcano hotend is for standard settings and the Super Volcano hotend is for extra fast extrusion of large objects.

According to the manufacturer, the 3D printers are quick and easy to assemble. The instructions have more than 80 assembly tutorial videos. The print area is 10% larger than the previous model (now 660 mm instead of 600 mm). The housing is made of black aluminum composite panels (ACP) and polycarbonate doors. Dual-Direct drive extrusion provides streamless printing with soluble filament support. HIWIN MGW guide rails provide improved motion.


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