Massivit 3D launches two new 3D printing materials

Massivit 3D Printing Technologies ( has launched Dimengel 20-FR (DIM 20-FR), a flame-retardant 3D printing material, and Dimengel 300 (DIM 300), which offers high light transmission.

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Massivit 3D Printing Technologies is expanding the range of applications for its customers with two new 3D printing materials. The supplier of large-format 3D printing systems announced that Dimengel 20-FR (DIM 20-FR) is the first flame-retardant photopolymer gel developed for 3D printing. It meets the highest standard for flame retardant materials. Dimengel 300 (DIM 300), on the other hand, offers high light transmission.

DIM 20-FR, developed by Massivit 3D’s research and development team, has been unveiled as a high-quality printing material for use with the company’s recently introduced large-scale 3D printer, the Massivit 5.000. This offers a dual-material system designed to allow users to print independent parts simultaneously. In doing so, each of the system’s two print heads can use a different material, it says.

Reinforcing composites with DIM 20-FR.

The new certification, issued by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), is said to ensure that the Massivit can produce 5,000 flame-retardant applications. According to Massivit, the new DIM 20-FR material supports a wide range of post-processing options, including composite reinforcement, which is increasingly being used by automotive, rail vehicle and military manufacturers to produce rigid, complex production parts.

DIM 300 brings a new dimension of translucency to 3D printing materials, according to the company. Users from a variety of industries are said to be able to use the new material for prototyping, design verification, interior design, architecture, scenic renderings and a range of advertising applications.

Five proprietary printing materials are available to customers of the large-scale 3D printing systems specialist, including DIM 90, DIM 100, DIM 110, DIM 20-FR and DIM 300.

Like the existing range of proprietary materials, DIM 20-FR and DIM 300 enable rapid production of large, custom parts that cure while still in production, according to Massivit. The end product is a finished, solid object – straight from the printer, which has even been manufactured with little to no support structures.

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