Modix Big 120X

The Modix 120X 3D printer is a very large format (1200 x 610 x 610 mm) and very precise (20 microns) FDM machine. Objects up to 1.2 meters wide! Impressive features for a high-end XXL printer: high-speed E3D Volcano hot end and Titan extruder are quality features that come standard with the 120X. The Hiwin motion rails and Gates belts are original. The three axis motors are Nema 17 on the Modix 120X. The printing plate is levelled automatically with 150 touch points for extreme accuracy, via a manufacturer-modified Marlin. The plate is a 6.35 mm thick Alcoa Mic6 cast aluminum plate that can reach 120°C thanks to the Meanwell 24V 280W power supply. Several heating zones can be set, like on a kitchen hob.

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The Modix 120X is compatible with many filaments in 1.75 and 2.85 mm format: PLA, ABS, PHA, PVA, nylon, TPE, TPU, polyester, PETG, carbon fiber, wood, copper, brass. The machine also has a sensor for detecting the end of the filament.

The Modix 120X is the big sister of the Big60, the XXL model of the XL. Like her, USB port and SD card are standard but it will be necessary to go through the options to add an Ethernet / Wifi network connection and a control camera.

The firmware of the Modix120X printer is an open source Marlin, installed on an Arduino controller (MKS Gen 1.4). Printing profiles are available for Cura, Slic3r, Pronterface and Simplify3D software.

Delivered in kit form and designed in Israel, the Modix 120X can also be assembled by a professional (additional service from the reseller) and can be fitted with a closed acrylic case. Also, an option exists to add a second extruder and thus mix colors and/or materials on the Modix 120X.

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