QIDI Tech i-Fast 3D printer

QIDI Tech i-Fast 3D printer is a new generation model from a well-known Chinese manufacturer. The printer has a closed chamber by default with excellent thermal regulation, and it comes with a double extruder and a single high-temperature extruder with an enlarged build area. With these features, the i-Fast performs great in the home as well as in education and production.

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The extruder is what immediately sets the QIDI Tech i-Fast apart from the competition. The standard version is equipped with a twin-nozzle extruder. Another version of this printer comes with a single extruder that has a maximum temperature of 300 degrees, which immediately expands the list of thermoplastics that can be worked with. In addition to the indispensable PLA and PETG, this includes ABS, varieties of TPU, as well as Nylon, PC, Carbon fibre and other construction materials. The version with two nozzles allows two-color printing or the use of PVA and HIPS to create soluble supports. The version with a high-temperature extruder features a ruby nozzle that easily withstands elevated extrusion temperatures and is unaffected by abrasion, providing high-quality printing. The printing accuracy is 0.05 to 0.2 mm. The printer is equipped with a sensor of filament end, which certainly makes printing more convenient – especially when it comes to large parts.

The dimensions of the build area of the modification with double extruder are 330×250×320 mm. The model with a single extruder has a slightly larger build area – 360×250×320 mm. It is located in a closed chamber, which provides excellent thermoregulation. The temperature rises and falls evenly, which prevents damage to the models. In order to maintain the stability of printing in this volume, engineers from QIDI have made a number of changes to the usual scheme of mechanics. For example, new guideways are used here. Thanks to them the necessary smoothness of movement is maintained. Printing speed can be from 30 to 300 mm / s.

The electronics of the QIDI Tech i-Fast are quite consistent with the technical capabilities of this printer. The printer is powered by a 700 watt power unit. Even as standard, files can be downloaded for printing both via USB and remotely via Wi-Fi. You can also set all printing parameters and monitor print progress on the 5″ color touchscreen with a user-friendly interface.

The printer comes with the latest version of the QIDI slicer. It provides the fastest and, at the same time, the highest quality printing.

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