QIDI X-max 3D printer

QIDI X-max is the first 3D printer with different way of filament placement and a choice of printing from filaments of different materials. The printer is intuitive to operate and has a 5″ color touch screen.

Read the full review QIDI X MAX on the Top3dshop blog https://top3dshop.com/blog/qidi-tech-x-max-3d-printer-review.


  • Printing large size models (max 300x250x300 mm);
  • Printing with different materials;
  • Fully metal footing;
  • Maximum quiet printing, air purification;
  • Wi-Fi connection;
  • Power off;
  • 5″ touch screen;
  • Thread placement in a variety of ways;
  • Software;
  • Service.

Dual Z-axis. Large-size 3D printing (printing size up to 300x250x300 mm).

Two sets of the third generation QIDI Tech extruder with different productivity.
Extruder 1. Already installed in the printer, designed for printing most materials (e.g. PLA, ABS, TPU).
Extruder 2. Optional kit, suitable for printing modern materials (nylon, carbon fiber).

Filament placement methods:

  1. The thread is placed outside. The filament is fed smoothly when printing PLA, TPU, PETG (any filament 1,75 mm).
  2. Thread is placed inside: for printing modern materials such as nylon, carbon fiber (such materials require enclosed printing and constant temperature).

5 inch touch screen and intuitive interface, all make QIDI X-max more convenient and easy to use.

Extendable, removable plate for easy removal of finished products.
Curved metal plate, reusable, has two working sides: the front side of the plate is designed for 3D-printing filament from PLA, ABS, TPU, PETG;
the inner side of the plate is designed for materials: nylon or carbon fiber.

QIDI Tech software version 5.0. Improved user interface is easy and intuitive to use, print quality improved by 30% and speed improved by 20%. QIDI Print software, compatible with all types of QIDI Tech 3D printers, free, no time limit.

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