ScanTech SIMSCAN 3D Scanner

Description ScanTech SIMSCAN

ScanTech SIMSCAN is one of the most compact 3D laser scanners in the world. It is designed to digitize large objects with an accuracy of up to 20 microns. ScanTech SIMSCAN weighs only 570 grams, but provides 3D-scanning with high speed and metrological accuracy. It is the perfect solution for wear and damage inspection, quality control, reverse engineering tasks.

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One-handed operation
– Weighs only 570 g and measures 203 × 80 × 44 mm.
– SIMSCAN delivers unprecedented ease of one-handed scanning of any object.

Even in tight spaces or close to large objects, SIMSCAN’s increased portability allows it to measure anywhere, anytime.

High detail with speed
– In ultra-high-detail mode, scans can reach a resolution of 0.025 mm.
– No detail is left out, even when scanning over difficult surfaces. – 11×11 blue laser lines in standard mode, 2,020,000 measurements per second with a scan area of 410×400 mm provide a smooth and effective three-dimensional digitization.

Maximum reliability
– The innovative full-metal casing provides a high degree of protection.
– The high-strength construction materials of the housing ensure exceptional durability.

Aesthetic design
– SIMSCAN fits perfectly in the palm of your hand thanks to its ergonomic design.
– The perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality.

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