Scantech TrackScan P42

This system was presented in June 2020. It was created by Scantech China using its own experience and expertise, including unique patented solutions. The TrackScan P42  ( system provides a highly accurate 3D solution without markers. Combined with 3D laser scanning technology and high-precision dynamic tracking using the E-Track optical tracker, it provides fast and accurate data collection.

17 by 17 crossed laser lines, for high speed scanning, 7 parallel laser lines for high resolution scanning up to 20µm. The system comes complete with a T-Probe handheld coordinate measuring machine (wireless CMM) with a repeatability of up to 0.030 mm per point.

The TRACKSCAN P42 system supports reverse engineering, geometry (quality) control, new product development, and more.

TRACKSCAN P42 can operate in combination with robotic arms (Robot-Arm), for automated measuring and inspection applications. Which allows it to be used for inline measurements on conveyor belts.

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