Shining Freescan UE11

The Shining Freescan UE11 is a handheld 3D laser scanner that inherits the iconic feature inherent in all FreeScan series products – high measurement accuracy. At the same time the device has an ergonomic design and low weight – the scanner is very comfortable to use. It is a more advanced version of UE7 model, offering the user almost two times faster scanning speed.

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Features of the Shining Freescan UE11

  • User-friendly operating system with easy-to-use settings allows the user to easily organize workflow;
  • Simple and efficient operation. Adapted for use with programs such as Geomagic Control X, Verisurf Inspect and Einsense Q, it offers a simple one-click import scanning process;
  • It is portable and lightweight. The scanner weighs only 670 grams, making it easy to scan from hand and avoid fatigue during long scanning sessions;
  • It is a device that provides high metrological accuracy – precision up to 0.02 mm and volumetric accuracy of 0.02 mm + 0.04 mm/m. When measuring the same part multiple times, FreeScan UE provides consistent results, confirming stability and reliability;
  • To provide smoother and more efficient scanning, it is possible to enlarge the field of view when scanning up to 510x520mm;
  • Applicable for scanning black and reflective surfaces, allowing a wider range of applications;
  • Shining Freescan UE11 is designed to provide high-precision metrological control measurements in the manufacture of products for: automotive, transport, aerospace industry, casting control, mechanical engineering, etc.

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