Sinterit announces up to 10 times faster Lisa X SLS 3D printer

Polish 3D printing company Sinterit will unveil its new, fast and compact SLS 3D printer, the Lisa X, in just a few days. Lisa X is said to operate up to 10 times faster than comparable SLS 3D printers and push the boundaries for SLS 3D printing beyond the industrial sector. Sinterit will unveil the Lisa X 3D printer to the public at formnext 2021.
3D printing company Sinterit will unveil its new Lisa X SLS 3D printer in a few days. The 3D printer is scheduled to be officially unveiled on November 9. The new compact high-speed SLS 3D printer Lisa X will also be on display at formnext 2021, which runs from Nov. 16-19. Truly high-speed SLS-3D printing has largely only been possible with large industrial 3D printers. Sinterit aims to close this gap with the Lisa X 3D printer. With this 3D printer, the Polish company is launching the 3rd generation of its compact 3D printers for selective laser sintering (SLS).

Details of the Lisa X – SLS 3D Printer

Sinterit has optimized the compact Lisa X 3D printer (, which operates up to 10 times faster than available compact SLS 3D printers, for high-speed industrial 3D printing. As a result, small and medium-sized businesses should also benefit from high-speed SLS 3D printing. Users should be able to complete most print jobs in less than 24 hours. SMEs that previously preferred to switch to SLS-3D printers because of the slow speed and price of cheaper extrusion and stereolithographic 3D printers may now consider switching to SLS-3D printing.

SLS 3D printing enables high-quality, detailed and durable 3D printed objects with more complicated geometries. Sinterit engineers tested various printing options during development. In doing so, they wanted to ensure that the increased speed would not compromise the quality of the printed results. The Lisa X 3D printing system, like other models from Sinterit, is based on an open material model. Customers can use many proprietary materials from Sinterit or third-party suppliers. When printing parameters are manually adjusted, customers can get the most out of their material choice. Material developers and research labs are able to fine-tune parameters to optimize print results and quality.

In 2018, Sinterit introduced the Sinterit Lisa 2, an affordable compact SLS 3D printer. In April 2021, we reported on Sinterit’s new polypropylene PP 3D printer material for SLS 3D printing. Sinterit also recently entered industrial manufacturing with the NILS 480. With a free subscription to our newsletter, you will not miss any news about Sinterit, the Lisa X 3D printer or any other 3D printer news worldwide.

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