Tethon 3D announced C-Lite Refractory Photopolymer with Carbon Nanotubes

U.S. company Tethon 3D will soon release a high-temperature antistatic photopolymer resin for stereolithographic 3D printers. The solution features carbon nanotubes.

The C-Lite resin was created with the help of the startup Mechano and is based on photopolymer made with raw materials from the chemical company Dymax. The resulting material is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 225°C. The high-temperature and antistatic properties of the new resin are due to the filler made of carbon nanotubes.

Mechano specializes in the development of photopolymer materials with carbon fillers. The proprietary MechT manufacturing technology allows to obtain materials with a uniform distribution of nanotubes in the resin without clumping that levels out the positive properties. The resulting composites exhibit improved electrical and thermal conductivity, impact strength, wear resistance and other benefits.

The developers expect the new material to find applications in electronics manufacturing, as well as in automotive, defense and other industries. The C-Lite photopolymer will be available to users of laser (SLA), digital projector (DLP) and liquid crystal display (MSLA) stereolithography additive systems.

We are excited to test the new resin and add the results to our review on the Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K (https://top3dshop.com/blog/phrozen-sonic-mega-8k-3d-printer-review once these resins goes live: 

For more information on Tethon 3D’s offerings, visit the official website.

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