The Solutions Provided by ScanTech Are Not Limited to 3D Scanning Services

ScanTech pays more attention to secondary design after scanning. This aspect is also of concern to our customers. The 3D data can easily be imported into a 3D printer and design software, which provides a complete solution for clients undergoing physical therapy.

To demonstrate the application process, we use Rodin4D software as an example. Rodin4D is a CAD/CAM system that is specifically used for working with prostheses and orthotic appliances designed and created by prosthetists and orthopedists. With Rodin4D, it is possible to design a 3D model based on the data from a 3D scanner. The software offers a choice of several basic types of prostheses and orthotic devices. The reference lines of internal 3D models of the human body can be rebuilt and corrected. There are many ways to reshape, including radius, copy, combine, transfer, twist, bend, stretch, mirror, balance, reflection, prosthetic size, orthotic size, area, regional smoothing, smooth vertical cut, rotation, horizontal cut, and tool import. In addition, more than 25 modeling and reshaping tools are built into this software, such as a plaster file, spatula, grinder and sandpaper, which are very similar to those used in practice.

The photo shows the KScan Magic II 3D scanner

The structure of the human body is very complex. Scantech scanners allow obtaining accurate and complete 3D data in a short period of time. 3D scanning stands out because it facilitates the faster production of artificial limbs, prostheses, rehabilitation protectors, and corrective braces. It precisely matches and satisfies the individual needs of a patient. Of course, the application of 3D scanning is also being explored in other areas of medicine, such as disease assessment, basic research, and clinical teaching. We have every reason to believe that continued advances in science and technology, it will make a major contribution to medicine and provide more efficient and accurate patient treatment regimens.

Based on Scantech materials, with support from Yakov Bondarev, i3D.

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