Video: 3D printing on Good Morning America…in 1989.

gma 3d printing 1989

Unearthed from the early days of 3D printing, before it was even called 3D printing, comes this 24-year old video on the subject. It’s a segment from Good Morning America from January 1989, back when Joan Lunden got us all hot and bothered with that blonde hairdo you see in the photo above.

Back then the technology was called Stereolithography, which is the specific additive technology process that Charles Hull, founder of 3D Systems, invented way back when. You’ll see Hull interviewed in the video.

What’s interesting is that despite the style of clothing and hair, and the absence of the words 3D printing, you almost cannot distinguish it from TV segments on 3D printing you see today. The same amazement by the media, the same predictions of “revolutionizing” manufacturing, the same talk of biomedical applications, and the same wowing us with 3D-printed jewelry.

Is it just me, or does this video make you feel like we really haven’t come very far in 24 years? (I know we have, it’s just been a long and slow base of the S-curve, but we’re accelerating up the slope now.)

h/t: Fabbaloo