3D Printing is Taking Steps in the Right Direction


3D printing technology is making an impact in the medical sector.

Prosthetics, casts, implants, and even the development of organ tissue, are among the latest advancements that have been aided by this technology.

Now, New-York based company, Sols Systems, is using 3D printing technology to create custom insoles to help reduce foot pain, increase comfort, and improve posture. Sols has raised US$1.75 million in financing from Lux Capitahas, enough funding to bring its ideas to market.

Sols’ concept of 3D printed insoles involves using individual data from customers to create insoles that are perfectly designed for each foot. Sols’ smart phone app allows customers to scan their foot and send the scan directly to the company for processing. The scans are then transformed into data which is used to 3D print a customized sole insert.

Made from flexible nylon, the insert is not only custom designed to fit the customer’s foot; the colors are customizable as well, making the inserts as unique and personal as the person buying them. They are also coated in an antimicrobial layer that helps to reduce foot odor.

The unique process that Sols uses to convert customer data into customized insoles allows an exact 3D pressure map to be created, using advanced software algorithms. The algorithms allow for the option of customizing insoles according to the weight, gait, and activity level of the customer.

The inserts are available for patients with foot problems, but also for customers who are looking to improve their performance and comfort.  Sols hopes to modify their app to allow visualization of the 3D models, allowing changes to be made to better suit the customer’s requirements.