3D Printing a Unique Advertising Campaign


3D printing technology continues to impress as it advances throughout a range of different sectors.

But while the major advancements that that 3D printing has made are undeniably fascinating, some of the more practical, everyday uses of 3D printing are easy to overlook.

Take “Loft,” for example; a 3D software company that is using 3D printing to add a unique spin to their advertising campaign. Loft creates software that allows consumers to digitally redesign and reimagine their living spaces, and now they are using 3D printing to bring publicity to their brand.

3D printing allowed Loft to advertise their company in a new way, one that is designed to grab customer’s attention. With a marketing campaign called “Remember Loft?,” their strategy involves using 3D printed advertisements. They hope that their campaign will raise awareness in both their 3D software as well as 3D printing itself.

The company had 3D mini couches printed up, small enough to be mailed in an envelope, yet strong enough to hold up in the mail. To add to their design, the 3D printed couch was packed and mailed in a pop up cardboard room. The combination of the new 3D printing, along with the old technology of the cardboard room, was designed to grab customer’s attention.

Loft’s goal was to ‘get on the radar’ with customers, and it appears that 3D printing helped them to achieve this. According to Loft, their email click ratios following the campaign tripled.

Successful use of 3D printing in marketing strategies may be just one more way that 3D printing will change businesses in the future.

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