Scantech KSCAN 20

The innovative KSCAN 3D scanner was created by HangZhou Scantech Co., Ltd. using their experience and expertise. This scanner is a direct continuation of several lines of Scantech metrology equipment. Its wide functionality and original solutions allow the KSACN 3D scanner to be used for reverse engineering and inspection tasks for parts from 1 cm to 10 m.
The KSCAN 3D scanner integrates the photogrammetric system and dual-frequency scanning laser, developed by HangZhou Scantech Co., Ltd. The integrated photogrammetric system greatly expands the scanning area and improves volumetric accuracy. KSCAN combines high efficiency with high detail provided by red and blue laser scanning modes. KSCAN is a solution designed for scanning objects between 0.02 m and 10 m.

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The KSCAN 3D scanner supports the contact measurement function, allowing to obtain correct three-dimensional data when scanning holes, planes, edges, etc. KSCAN is capable of performing various types of measurements, such as pipe measurements, deformation searches and 3D inspection, and their analysis with ScanViewer, a 3D scanning software. KSCAN 3D scanner, designed for reverse engineering and inspection professionals.

Large Measurement Ranges

KSCAN is equipped with an integrated photogrammetric system. It has a measurement accuracy of up to 0.02 mm and volumetric accuracy of up to 0.035 mm/m. The high accuracy of 3D measurement data can be achieved in the range of 0.02 to 10 m.

Contact measurements
With touch probing, KSCAN achieves quickly and accurately 3D data to meet the most exacting demands.

Highest resolution
Blue laser mode is easily activated during the scanning process. Resolution as high as 10 µm. Thanks to the ultrahigh resolution, the surface texture of objects such as coins can be easily captured.

High efficiency
Due to its increased speed and scanning area, KSCAN significantly reduces the time and effort, as well as the cost, of preparing a part for 3D scanning.

Versatile 3D scanning software
With ScanViewer 3D scanner software, KSCAN is capable of performing various measurement functions, CAD comparisons, pipe measurement, deformation searches and geometric dimension and tolerance checks.

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