Photogrammetry system ScanTech MSCAN L-15

Photogrammetry system ScanTech MSCAN L-15  is designed specifically for quality control and geometry of large objects. The device allows you to work with objects from 2 to 10 meters and obtain results with volumetric accuracy up to 15 µm/m.

MSCAN L-15 ( is compatible with all ScanTech 3D scanners. Simple connection and easy adaptation to any scanner allows you to easily organize quality control of manufactured products, use the scanner for the development of new goods or perform measurements with high accuracy.

The ScanTech MSCAN L-15 photogrammetry system has a unique HDR mode for easy adaptation to your environment. The optional blue LED backlight lets you get the most accurate results in all conditions.

Ergonomic design and compact size of the photogrammetry system ensures comfortable operation even when scanning large objects.

Advantages of ScanTech MSCAN L-15 Photogrammetry System

Compact, lightweight and handy module for high precision scanning of large objects for quick measurements. Special backlight mode allows you to work in any lighting conditions.

Features of ScanTech MSCAN L-15:

  • compatible with the scanner and the possibility of stand-alone operation;
  • high measurement accuracy;
  • backlit operation mode;
  • large capture area.
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