Shining 3D EinScan H 3D Scanner Overview

An overview of the EinScan H 3D scanner from Shining 3D. Find out what it can do, what it’s good for, and whether it’s easy to work with, in this material!

Today you can find a portable handheld 3D scanner that doesn’t cost a fortune and does a great job of digitizing objects of various sizes. One such device is called the EinScan H from the Chinese brand Shining 3D. It’s great for production tasks as well as business use.

In this material we will tell you what kind of 3D scanner EinScan H is, what it can do and in what areas it can be useful.

About the company

Shining 3D is a Chinese manufacturer of 3D scanners that was founded in 2004. Since then, the company has had a growing reputation and position in the market. Their experts have been working in 3D digitization and additive manufacturing for over a decade. Shining 3D is able to develop 3D products on a large scale, using and providing a variety of technologies.


The company offers both high-end and low-cost 3D scanners that are available for all industries where 3D digitization is important.

First Look

The EinScan H is a handheld, handheld 3D scanner capable of capturing texture and color of objects as well as scanning people.

The scanner uses hybrid structured light technology combining white LEDs and infrared lamps. It can scan in three different modes: Standard, Body and Face.

Shining 3D EinScan H
Standard mode is designed to work with a variety of objects ranging in size from 0.3 to 4 meters. It uses an LED as the light source.

The Body scan mode is designed to work with the human body. It also uses LED technology.

EinScan H Body Scan
The face scan mode differs significantly from the other two: it uses infrared light and operates at a slower speed (720,000 points per second compared to 1,200,000 in the Standard and Body modes), and it has a slightly lower accuracy. But this mode allows you to scan a person’s face in detail, including even hair.

Face Scan
The EinScan H mode is the standard mode and has a range binding. The EinScan H face and body scanning mode allows the user to adjust this setting during the scanning process. The scanner has two additional buttons to help you do this.

All modes allow the scanner to capture color textures. The minimum scanning area is 420x440mm, and the maximum scanning area is 780x900mm.

Unpacking and accessories

The EinScan H comes in a branded box, and the device and all its accessories are neatly organized in a soft shipping package.

The box contains the scanner cables, a set of adhesive markers, a set of plugs for different outlets and a USB flash drive with software and a calibration board.

The only thing that can be called a distinct minus is the lack of protective case for transporting the scanner, yet portable device, and carry the scanner from place to place (for example from one shop to another) in a box is not very convenient. Of course, I can use something else for carrying, but for such a price, even if not the highest among 3D scanners, I would still want to have a protective case included.


The device itself is portable, it fits comfortably in your hands, thanks to the ergonomic grip and its light weight of only 703g.

Using EinScan H is a pleasure, you will not get tired while digitizing large objects, the buttons for adjusting brightness and pause are conveniently located, while scanning you do not have to make unnecessary movements to control the device. Plus, you can change the brightness while scanning.

The portability is further enhanced by the fact that the connection cable is not permanently attached to the scanner.


The software that comes with the scanner is exactly as Shining 3D promised. The EinScan H is a “plug and play” device, meaning that everything you need to start scanning is included.

The ExScan H software allows you to make the initial calibration of the device, which by the way is simple and does not take much time, from the word go, and also helps you directly during the scanning and even allows you to do post-processing.

By the way, the EinScan H has two calibration modes, fast and standard.

The program remembers the last calibration even if you reset the PC, but for better scanning results it is advisable to calibrate before each scanning session.

In addition to the Shining 3D software, Solid Edge is bundled with EinScan H in case the standard software is not enough for you (and for professional scanning it really can be).

Scanning Examples

During the scanning process the EinScan H was at its best, the scans were already quite clean and after a short post-processing our engineers got excellent results.

The EinScan H managed to scan small and large objects as well as people.

The total polygon count of a small object in high detail mode was around 252666 polygons.


Shining 3D EinScan H is an excellent portable device for 3D scanning, by the standards of 3D scanners it is not the most expensive, but in terms of functionality it can easily satisfy the needs of small production, business, and even more so EinScan H will cope with the tasks in, so to speak, the amateur sector.

The 3D scanner from Shining 3D did not disappoint us, and if you want to incorporate 3D scanning technology into your production cycle, or if you need a less expensive 3D scanner for business or training, EinScan H definitely deserves your attention.

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