Overview, advantages and disadvantages – Shining 3D Einscan Pro 2x plus


A detailed review of all the features of the advanced 3D scanner from Shining 3D. Applications, features and competitive advantages.

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An overview of the Shining 3D scanner Einscan Pro 2x plus with Solid Edge



Shining 3D develops and manufactures products for both 3D printing and 3D digitization. The company is focused on creating equipment for a wide variety of applications. The release of the Einscan Pro 2x plus is no exception.


Einscan Pro 2x plus is a compact handheld multifunctional 3D scanner from Chinese manufacturer Shining 3D. The company has been in the field of 3D technology development since 2004.

Einscan Pro 2x plus – is the continuation of a line of scanners Einscan, received more advanced stuffing and more abilities.

The model was endowed with a number of advantages due to the feedback from users of previous versions. The developers studied thousands of reviews and ran several hundred tests to give consumers exactly what they needed. That is why the model turned out to be so successful.

The first advantage of the device is its size and weight. Because of the model’s compact size and low weight (only 1.3 kilograms), the scanner can be taken with you anywhere. It connects fairly easily to a computer or laptop and helps scan any object, even in the field. The ergonomically designed handle is easy to grip and easy to operate.

Four types of scanning can be done:

  • stationary;
  • quick manual;
  • high-precision manual;
  • Automatic (with the help of a rotating stage).

In stationary and automatic mode the accuracy of scanning is at the level of 0.04 mm. If markers are used in the manual mode, this indicator will be 0.5 mm + 0.3 mm. The data is received with a high degree of detail. All thanks to the minimum possible distance between the scanned points, which is 0.2 mm. This function is excellent even if the object to be scanned has extremely fine details.

During the use of the device the working distance is 510 mm.

The technical parameters of the model allow capturing and processing at 30 frames per second up to 1.5 million points per second. All acquired information is transferred via high speed USB 3.0 interface.

To improve the quality of work in the device there are several additional options. Among them is the color scanning module. It has an additional Color Pack camera. The next useful device is a set with a tripod and a turntable. To increase the degree of detail capture and increase transfer accuracy, there is an optional HD Prime Pack camera in the set.

The scanning area dimensions are 208 × 136 mm – 312 × 204. The device copes with its work faster and higher quality than competitive analogues.

To connect the device to a laptop or computer, it must have the Windows 7 operating system or higher installed. The scanner will need at least 16 gigabytes of RAM, as well as an NVIDIA GTX770 graphics card with 4 gigabytes of video memory. The processor must be an Intel Core i7 or higher. Therefore, the device can only work with modern models of computer hardware.

Pros and cons

Let’s break down the advantages and disadvantages of the Einscan Pro 2x plus model. Its advantages:

  • Lightness and compactness. You can take it with you in any environment.
  • Advanced software is available in the delivery set (about it below).
  • High accuracy and high speed.
  • The device captures and transmits even the smallest details.
  • The scanning process does not take much time, because the data transfer takes place in the fastest way.
  • The scanner can be used in very different areas (this will be discussed below).

Despite the obvious pluses and a number of advantages of the model, it still has a couple of disadvantages:

  • It requires quite powerful iron to work. 16 gigabytes of RAM can boast only modern advanced laptops at an appropriate price. Therefore, when buying a scanner, you should consider that in addition you will need to buy a powerful computer, if you don’t have one yet.
  • Cost. The market for equipment in the field of 3D-technology is difficult to evaluate from the standpoint of budget savings. On the one hand, the device gives a lot of advantages, and there is no equal analogues. On the other hand, a device that costs more than half a million rubles can not everyone afford, especially if you take the Russian reality.

Technical Specifications

File formats OBJ , STL , ASC , PLY , P3
Weight, kg 1.13
Scanning time < 0.5 sec
Texture capture yes (with color scanner)
Depth of field, mm ±100mm
Scanning area 135×100 mm – 225×170 mm
USB 3.0 interface
LED light source (8 units)
Volume accuracy 0.3 mm
Working distance 510 mm
Distance to the point 0.2 – 3 mm
Scanning Speed 20-30 fps, 100,000 dpi
Accuracy, µm 50
Color scanning with optional


The following items are included with the delivery:

scope of delivery
  1. scanner;
  2. calibration board + support for it;
  3. power supply;
  4. color module;
  5. USB-chip;
  6. USB cable;
  7. power cable;
  8. power cable;
  9. cable clip;
  10. tripod;
  11. scanner head support;
  12. turntable;
  13. markers;
  14. marker removal tool.

Who is right for whom?

The scope of the Einscan Pro 2x plus is truly enormous. Let’s break down the most common uses.


Film, fashion, design. All of these spheres are being developed and improved thanks to 3D scanning. The scanner can be used to create a huge number of special effects, to transfer any creative ideas to the screens, to model a variety of items. Artistic designers creating new creations can share the results of their work with anyone. Thanks to high-precision scanning any piece of interior design can be put into production.


Architecture and restoration

n this area, 3D scanning helps develop and create new architectural projects. 3D-scanning is also widely used in the sphere of restoration works, with its help it is possible to project in advance the course of the process and to calculate all the nuances. It also helps to put interiors and room layouts into a virtual space and create design projects.

photo of buildings

Clothing production

The technology makes it possible to take the parameters of a person and in accordance with them to complete the design of this or that thing and at the same time to be guided by anatomic features of people of different height and build. It essentially simplifies process of development of clothes and the accompanying accessories.

shoe scanning

Video games

Creating games involving celebrities has long been nothing new. Instead of painstakingly drawing a three-dimensional portrait of a person, it’s easier to make an exact copy in seconds and transfer it into the world of video games.

Model mario figurine


The device is used not only in production, but also in the process of teaching important details of the profession. 3D scanners are widely used in schools of design, architecture, art schools, engineering training institutions and dental clinics.

The process of scanning parts


The device allows scientists and researchers to study objects of interest as thoroughly as possible. Transferring the subject matter into the digital plane allows them to bring colleagues from around the world to work on the same question. Researchers no longer need to fly to the other side of the earth and break away from their usual schedules to do so.

Scanning a bust

Reverse engineering

The principle behind this kind of work is the ability to transform a physical model by transferring it to the digital plane. It is used when there is no data on the original version of the product and there is only a physical object in front of the engineer. Scanning allows to speed up the process of designing a new product taking into account the parameters of the old one.


One of the main and important applications of 3D scanning. Many practitioners and research facilities around the world use the scanners for their work.

Three-dimensional model of the heart

Three-dimensional modeling makes it possible to accurately predict the outcome of a medical intervention. Surgeons get an exact replica of human body parts, and orthopedists can create comfortable prostheses.

Scanning Examples

The first example is a small impeller. These technical objects are commonly used by engineers to further design new products.

metal part

Result of a scan:

A three-dimensional model of the part

If we talk about transferring a human image into the digital plane, the model copes with this task very decently, though not perfectly. It is worth noting that the manufacturer does not declare the Einscan Pro 2x plus as a device for digitizing people. Despite this, the result is quite good.

human model

Bottom line:

Human model

Next is an example of texture transfer. With this task the device copes perfectly.

mouse model

The result:

Three-dimensional mouse model

Software used

Solid Edge software for working with Einscan Pro 2x plus was created in collaboration with Shining 3D and Siemens PLM Software. It is an advanced and innovative product that allows you to use the scanner in a wide variety of applications. Among them: modeling, generative design, reverse engineering and other capabilities. All this is complemented by CAD (Computer Aided Design) tools that architects, designers and engineers love to use.

The software enables an efficient and cost-effective transition from 2D to 3D technology. Engineers and designers can use DFX or DWG drawings for their projects. This will give an opportunity to reduce production downtime as much as possible, to save the company from long product modifications.

During operation, the program makes it possible to change the necessary settings quickly and easily in order to optimize work. This does not require complex manipulations. The user retains control over all scanning details during the entire process.

The scanning process is well thought-out and maximally accelerated. The software creates new designs quickly at the same time, updates multiple parts in an assembly and responds to changing requests.

Increased efficiency in product design is given by Siemens Parasolid technology. Solid Edge includes the option to connect triangular mesh objects and solid models without complex and error-prone transformations.

A scanner with Solid Edge gives you the ability to make a three-dimensional model of a part created on the drawing board. The digitization will not require a complete reconstruction. Modifications to the prototype are allowed during modeling. This is done quite simply.

The program includes a function for the direct output of the designed product to the 3D printer. Solid Edge has a 3D Print command for this.

Instructions for the initial setup and preparation

The device is a one-piece model, completely ready to work. A number of simple steps are required to start scanning:

  1. To get the device up and running, it needs to be connected to a laptop or computer. The equipment must have at least 16 gigabytes of RAM, an operating system at least Windows 7, a processor no older than Intel Core i7 and an NVIDIA GTX770 graphics card with 4 gigabytes of video memory.
  2. Before working, it is necessary to calibrate the device. This process can be compared to adjusting the focus in a camera. You will need a calibration table and a stand for calibration. Both accessories are supplied with the scanner. It is recommended to calibrate every 10 scans.
  3. To start the calibration, start the calibration mode in Solid Edge. Then you need to follow the detailed instructions. The whole process takes hardly a couple of minutes. You will need to move the scanner over the plate four times at a certain angle.
  4. f the Einscan Pro 2x plus has a color module, then you may need to adjust the color. To do this, a white piece of paper is used. It is placed under the lens of the machine, and then the module is calibrated. This way, the scanner will recognize colors clearly and will not distort them.

Once calibration is complete, the scanner is ready to work, and its self-explanatory software will help with all the processes.

A review of the Einscan Pro 2x plus with Solid Edge software shows the following features:

  • The model is a multifunctional 3D scanner with an extensive list of applications.
  • The device handles its work quickly and accurately.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • The device lies securely in your hand, but it is lightweight and compact.
  • To work with this device requires a powerful computer or laptop. Old equipment is not suitable.
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