Uniz Slash Plus 3D Printer In-Depth Review

For their high-speed 3D printer Uniz Slash made itself half million on Kickstarter in 2016. There was never any 3D printer that utilized lasers instead of LCD with an efficient cooling system, and an unbeatable price of $6269.

In the year 2018 Uniz 3D launched an upgrade to their Slash name the upgrade Slash Plus. The main selling point of this printer is its astonishing speed of printing i.e. 200 millimeters per hour. Perhaps, Slash Plus is the fastest 3D desktop resin printer on the market.

Concerning the print qualityof this printer, it is able to print at a resolution of up to 75 microns and has an average layer that is 10 microns thick.


There are numerous amazing features this printer has similar to other SLA printers, however the two listed are two features that are unique i.e. they are not available in different SLA printers.

Unidirectional Peel Technology

This is the very first 3D printer to use UDP and its print output is easily explained when it comes down to how popular the 3D printer. This printer famous for its ability for its ability to print layer-free and high-resolution components, as well as stunning surface finishes on every component and prototype it makes.

The Kickstart project Kickstart set the bar higher for other companies and was successful in attracting more than $200,000 of funds.

The 3D printer was created to meet the requirements of professionals and designers who are always seeking the best way to express their creative ideas in the most effective method possible.

High-Resolution Speedy Printing And Simplistic Design

If you’re looking for speed, you’ll be able to enjoy the 3D printing process offered by Slash Plus in a speed of 1000 cm3 per hour. It is referred to as the most efficient 3D printer in the world, SLA 3D printer wouldn’t be an exaggerated claim in any way. The speed is one of the things that is useful is the high-resolution available from this printer.

Printing models can be done that has a lowest resolution, which is 10 microns in thick and build size of 200 x 192 x millimeters. In short, it is possible to make a lot of parts and models without feeling constrained in regards to space.

Another thing that makes its beauty is the ease in its layout. The printer can be cleaned easily due to the design of this printer.

Furthermore The Slash Plus comes with a vat floor that is made up of a specifically designed, polymer film that lasts for a long time. The film is able to remain unharmed for up 1,000 hours of 3D printing Isn’t that incredible?



The printing technology employed for this machine can be described as LCD Stereolithography. The built volume of the printer is 192 millimeters x 120 meters x 200 millimeters.

The Printer’s XY Resolution is 75um. The highest accuracy provided by this printer is +20um. The range of thickness for layers across the Z-axis resolution is 10 25 50 100 150 200 300um. Uniz intelligent support permits the printer to reach speeds of up to 200 millimeters per hour.

The operating temperature of the printer, as recommended by its manufacturer can be 18-28 degC. The power requirement for the printer is 100-240VAC. 3A 50/60Hz and 240-240W.

First Impressions

The Slash+ 3D printer (https://top3dshop.com/product/uniz-slash-2-3d-printer) is packaged in a manner that’s thought-out. However, due to the printer’s dimensions, you’ll need more hand to lift it out of the packaging. When it’s measured, it shows the following dimensions 350 x 400x 560 mm, like the Form 2 Formlabs (350 350 x 330x 520 millimeters).

On first sight at first glance, the white color of the frame of the printer stands out at you and makes you think of carbon fiber as well as the reinforced steel it’s composed of, in case you didn’t already know.

Once you’ve realized the fact that this is a sturdy machine, another thing that will catch your eye is the control panel. When you look through the top of it to bottom, you’ll be surprised to know, be aware that the printer does not contain a screen.

Then , there’s this question: what platform will the printer operate? It is completely controlled by the software you run to run your PC. The list of equipment that are included with the machine include the printer plate the resin tanks, the power cable and a quick-start guide.

The green zABS resin cart and an empty cartridge to clean together with accessories. Alongside resin, there are several tools, including an Allen key as well as two sizes of spatula, a needle which helps you access the resin cartridges and finally , sandpaper for finalizing.

In this test, if purchased through Atome 3D, the retailer Atome 3D, users are also supplied with a resin cartridge of 1L Snow White from Funtodo, the retail price is $63. The cartridge also includes an isopropyl alcohol spray necessary to wash your components on the output of the printer.


When you want to start the machine, you’ll need follow the instruction from the maker. There are several steps you’ll have to follow, and they are listed in the following paragraphs.

Before that, a thing you’d need to complete which isn’t covered in the manual is one is mentioned in YouTube. UNIZ 3D YouTube channel videos. You’ll need to take off the protective film on the side of your LCD display and tank, and then install the sensor for level of resin.

Following this, you’ll be able to put in the resin included by your Slash+ 3D printer. It is done with the use of the slot in the correct space.

Stepwise Installation

  1. Connect the power source and then connect the device to the WiFi network you are using for activating the device.
  2. Then, drill it using the needle included inside the accessory, then put the cap back on the opposite side of the bottle. In order for the resin to drain in a timely manner into the tray you’ll need for the installation of your printer’s software.
  3. While starting isn’t that simple, the guideline offered is more straightforward as opposed to the extremely difficult set-up.

A basic, but not necessarily clear information about neophytes is not available. Replacing the resin, maintaining the machine or managing print media is something you’ll have to learn from someone else.

A variety of unofficial guides, created by a community that is growing, are available to navigate through online. You could also seek advice from the many videos posted on YouTube by Uniz through their channel on YouTube.

In terms of materials, though UNIZ 3D offers a variety of materials, UNIZ 3D has not limited its printer to just those materials. UNIZ 3D is able to keep its 3D printer to the public and allows it to utilize the resins of competitors in conjunction with their printer.

Test reports on websites explain how to examine using the White Snow White resin from Fun To Do. In order to use these resins you’ll have to pour it manually into the tank of your printer.

Also , if you’re doing this, you’ll need to select the appropriate curing parameters from the softwareprogram, like the intensity of the light source or exposure time for each layer.

One final comment about the configuration is more of an issue i.e. the lack of a processor station. The closest competitor to Uniz Form 2 from Formlabs has this feature that can be substituted by purchasing two hermetic containers for a reasonable price.

Printing Type/Cost

SLA printer, in contrast to FDM printing, utilizes resin bottles to print 3D models or parts instead of using filaments. The printing costs of this printer is more expensive over other SLA printers due to the fact that it uses uni-directional printing within the printer.

The appearance of prints that have been freshly printed on this printer remains clean and generally comparable to other resin printers that are available.

There is also no post-processing required according to the articles on websites that release the information. The only thing they need to do is clean them with isopropyl alcohol. The alternative is to put them through a UV-based oven to further strengthen the material or lightly sand them to improve their surface.


The program called Uniz is designed to work to work with this printer. It works with Windows 7 SP1+ and Mac OS X 10.8+. Some reports about this program claim that it is only accessible only in English as well as Chinese.

In this program, you’ll be able to perform all fundamental adjustments to 3D files , such as zoom, rotate, move and even generate print media . It also has the capability to delete or add particular media in advanced mode, and then of course cut the model.

The program also comes with an option to control the printer using a panel which you are able to control the printer. Be aware that there isn’t an touchscreen LCD interface within the printer.

There are a variety of controls accessible from the control panel. For for example, the possibility to empty or fill the resin tank. The option of clean the base of the tank could be accomplished through printing a thin sheet of resin and/or to calibrate the Z-axis.

A variety of information is available in this application, including the estimated time for printing as well as the amount of resin used, amount of layers, and so on. Overall, the program is simple to use.

Customer Service

While the printer isn’t one that makes you feel awestruck It’s just a standard service which is what you need. The printer includes a guide to installation and you are able to get in touch with them via various channels.

Parameters Influencing Buying Decision

The criteria that must be met to help a person make a choice can be put into six points, which are listed below.

3D Printer costs: Seeing the quality of prints and speed that the printer promises, those looking to purchase an printer within the $1000-$ $2000 ought to instead of purchasing one of those ranges purchase this printer.

3D Printing Quality: Because of the uni-directional peel technology , the printing quality is superior to the average.

3D Printing speed: Unmatched in the field. If you take every desktop SLA printer and place it up against Uniz Slash Plus The one that is the winner will surely take the lead. This is to be attributed to the advancement in technology and the changes in the process Uniz has created to this printer, which allows its users to print components in just hours, which normally takes hours.

3D Printer capabilities: You can print using other resins too. Uniz has not made the printer limited to resins made by Uniz.

3D Printer Usability: High-quality prints in less time are possible with this printer.

3D Printer User’s expectations: All the small companies trying to move between FDM to SLA must consider this printer.

The Verdict

Yes it is true that it is true that the 3D Slash + printer by the manufacturer UNIZ is extremely quick! Also, the tests on printing done by web sites does not refute this assertion. But to say that it’s the most efficient available, is a difficult task.

However, what is for most certain is that speed this printer is capable of is not over quality. For a cost that is nearly the same Slash + is a good choice. Slash + is said to be a major competitor to Form 2 Formlabs. Form 2 Formlabs.

While the amount in resin equipment that is inexpensive and simple to operate is very limited, it’s difficult to compare two models. Another reason to consider Slash + is the ability to utilize resins that are competing with each other.

This gives its customers the possibility of a wide range of colors and varieties of materials.

There are a few areas where this printer falls short and one of them is the absence of a façade control screen, the documentation is to be a bit too concise, and the printer is equipped with small accessories.

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