3D Systems Has Acquired Digital PlaySpace


3D Systems has made yet another acquisition. This time it’s Digital PlaySpace (DPS), an interactive digital play platform that connects consumers with 3D printable activities.

This comes as the latest acquisition for 3D Systems, one of the main players in industrial and consumer 3D printing. 3D Systems has been investing heavily in different 3D printing sectors, and acquiring various companies. They have also been forming partnerships. Earlier this year, 3D Systems teamed up with Hershey to produce 3D printed sweet treats, and recently announced a joint effort with Hasbro to create 3D printed toys.

Digital PlaySpace operates Digital Dollhouse and Dreamhouse Designer. Digital Dollhouse allows kids to create digital dollhouses, and allows you to 3D print your designs on either a Cube 3D printer, or through Cubify –a service owned by 3D Systems.


“We are excited to have Jesyca and her entire Digital PlaySpace team join our Cubify platform, enabling millions of new users to connect with family, friends and favorite brands in more immersive and socially creative ways,” said Cathy Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer of 3D Systems. “Digital PlaySpace’s ability to customize and rapidly publish mobile and web 3D printable content provides a differentiated value proposition for brands and consumers alike.”

Acquisitions, like Digital PlaySpace, help 3D Systems to ensure that 3D printers continue to have a steady stream of content for users to print; an important part of expanding the industry. 3D Systems has been known to consistently add services that produce content, for their printers and other 3D printers as well.

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