3D Systems Acquires My Robot Nation, will Integrate with Cubify

3D Systems Acquires Yet Another Company - My Robot Nation

Last October we highlighted the new company, My Robot Nation, an impressive and fun online application where you can custom design your very own, one-of-a-kind robot, and then have it 3D-printed and shipped to you.

Today, the acquisitive 3D printer company 3D Systems has bought out My Robot Nation for an undisclosed sum. 3D Systems will integrate the My Robot Nation platform and experience into their upcoming very cool home 3D printer, Cubify, to enhance it with hundreds of new fun and easy 3D creation and printing applications, together with its growing developer community. So, apparently, kids and parents alike can design and print the robots on their own Cubify 3D printer.

3D Systems is picking up more than the robotmaker’s business — they are also getting the My Robot Nation founders, game industry veterans Mark Danks and Sarah W. Stocker, to join the 3D Systems team.

The 3D Systems press release reports:

The acquisition of MRN underscores 3D Systems’ Cubify commitment to democratize 3D content-to-print access for kids and adults alike, unleashing creativity and allowing individuals to express themselves easily in 3D. My Robot Nation brings to Cubify proven video game principles to provide a simple, fun and amazingly flexible creative experience. Within minutes, anyone can quickly and easily create their own, unique collectible from billions of possible combinations then make it real with 3D printing.

“We are thrilled to bring MRN to Cubify and enable everyone to create and manipulate 3D objects right in their browser in real-time – something that was previously only possible in PC applications or consoles games. We’re using that power and flexibility to empower everyone to turn their virtual creations into real creations through the disruptive magic of 3D printing,” said Mark Danks, co-founder of My Robot Nation.

“We are very excited to add a disruptive capability like My Robot Nation to our Cubify platform enabling millions of new users, including kids from the ages of 8 to 80, to instantly and intuitively create and make in 3D,” said Abe Reichental, President and Chief Executive Officer of 3D Systems. “We believe that this investment will accelerate the gamification and democratization of the entire Cubify experience, and at the same time, facilitate our expansion into 3D hosting, publishing and the production of licensed content for other global consumer brands.”

3D Systems has been a feeding frenzy, buying up many other 3D printing-related companies, and it’s doesn’t look like they are planning to slow down any time soon. I only hope that another company, like an HP for example, does not take out 3D Systems in the next few years. I am a stockholder of 3D Systems, (disclaimer: my 3D printing investment portfolio includes 3D Systems (DDD), along with Stratasys (SSYS), Autodesk (ADSK) and Organovo (ONVO) ), and I’d like to hold on to this tiger of a 3D printer pure play company as long as possible.

My Robot Nation: http://www.myrobotnation.com/
3D Systems: http://www.3dsystems.com/
Cubify: http://cubify.com/

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