3D Systems CEO blows them away on CNBC


3D Systems CEO and president Abe Reichental showed up on CNBC to talk to the Fast Money gang, after their quarterly earnings report and conference call sent the stock significantly higher yesterday.

It’s interesting how people still just don’t get the impact of 3D Printing. Listen to the panel — plenty of oohs and aahs, but still you have to think they really don’t understand the story.

I’ve never heard Reichental speak before, but he’s the perfect spokesman for the company — a visionary and an 3D printing evangelist, he tells the story like no one else. Here’s how he began:

“We are disruptive. We are transformative, and we are impactful on every part of our lifestyle as we know it today. From the shoes that you wear to the computer that you used, all of it is being shaped and designed using 3-D printing today

I think that about covers it.

And do I hope you were paying attention when I wrote “Investing in 3D Printing Stocks” back in October when 3D Systems (DDD) was $16-17.

Watch the video, and here’s the transcript if you need it:

Shares of 3d systems spiking and the printer maker’s profit fell and still topped estimates and has a strong outlook. just last month they unveiled the first at home 3d printer and shares of the stock are up 62% year to date. joining us now in a special segment we call next big thing is the president and ceo. al, it’s great to see you. it’s nice to see you too. abe. good to see you. let’s get to what the technology is. most average people at home are not familiar with the fact that printers can print in’s 3d fashion. how does that happen and what are the primary industries that uses technology. we basically can take any digital file and print one layer at a time and print in plastics and metal and the only who can go from aviation to production and context it print. we can go into anything from your gadgets to implants to first dental restorations and aerospace parts and components and we are disruptive and impactful on every part of our lifestyle. from the shoes that you wear to the computer that you use. all of it is being shaped and designed using 3d printers today. it sounds cool and pay through the nose for the hewlett packard vials. i have to believe your thing is through the roof expensive for people that owned them to use. my sense is the cost to repair these things and the cartridges and if i were in a shop that owned a dentist, what kind of outlay are you talking about? today we have price points and all the way from $1300 all the way to a half million and we fit it into three segments with personal printers and professional printers and production printers. as of a month ago, we unveiled the first ever at home 3d printer for kids in the ages of 8 to 18. affordability and coloring book simplicity into the whole create and make process so that anybody could unleash the creativity in an affordable way. to your point, if you look at the little nano holder that i have here that was printed on the q printer, the cost to print this at home is under $3. the maintenance is included in the cost. we expect this to be simple, affordable and easy to use and we are trying to remove all of the friction that existed between us and mass adoption. this is what this is all about. it’s about unleashing kids and people that are uninhibited to create and make. it’s about a personal manufacturing revolution and about relocalizing manufacturing where it needs to be just in time. it’s about giving our kids the competitive skills they need to be competitive in tomorrow’s job market. that are product you just held up, what is that color that it’s printed out of it and do you provide that material? we compare you to a green mountain coffee where i have to get the material from you in. absolutely. we have raise arors and blades business model and sell cartridges and this would be a lego-like plastic. we print in lego-like plastics and print in fully dense metals and nylons that make airplane parts. we can do it with flexible nylons and plastics. if you can think it and you can dream it, you can print it and bring it into life. without any of the traditional craftsmanship and we are developing aps that allow anybody to create and make if you can operate a tablet and the smart phone. you are in. if you have a kinect box, you can print. all of this is the digital canvas and the digital canvas is in everybody’s hands today. we want to give them the integration from creating to making and we want to empower garage entrepreneurs and start ups and next generation innovators to create and make and have the same advantage that was reserved for large companies. and abe, the cube is going to be out available to the public in the second quarter of this year. is that correct? the cube is going to be offered and an available fully commercially in the and the destination is our i tunes and facebook. it’s the meeting place and market place for content creation and sharing. they will be fully live and commercial in the and we they will be fully live and commercial in the and we are really excited about it. got it. hope to talk to you soon. thanks for your time. look forward to it. have a great day.

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