Who and what is 3D Systems’ Cubify made for?

You gotta love this guy Abe Reichental, the CEO of 3D Systems. Unlike most other CEO’s, this guy gets hands-on, down and dirty with his company’s products and travels the world to enthusiastically show them off to anyone that will listen. His love for what he does is infectious.

He’s been everywhere this year demonstrating 3D Systems’ upcoming “Cube” home 3D printer, from kids to local news shows to stock analysts. And now his baby has been delivered — the first units are out the door! I’d say that Abe is now an extremely happy man, but that’s nothing new, he’s always exuberant.

So just who and what is this new $1299 3D printer and the Cubify website designed for anyway? Listen to Abe and a couple kids tell Wired all about it.

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