3D Systems Furthers Push to Mainstream Markets with Xerox Deal

xerox-logoYesterday’s announcement that 3D Printing leader 3D Systems Corp. agreed to purchase some of Xerox’s engineering skills, IP, and facilities furthers their push to dominate mainstream markets.  I am impressed not so much by the underlying technology that 3D Systems has had since company founder Chuck Hull first introduced his revolutionary invention to the world.  I am more impressed by how the company has turned those innovations into real products for real people in mainstream markets.

The expanded relationship with Xerox is another example of how the Rock Hill, SC 3D Printer manufacturer is positioning itself for serious growth.  New industries do not grow until products expand beyond the models early adopters are willing to pamper.  Xerox has been a leader in products for the home, office and factory floor.  Their expertise will help catapult 3D Systems to the forefront of product development.

Said Avi Reichental, 3D Systems’ President and CEO.  “This bold step is consistent with our belief that we must act quickly and decisively to extend and cement our marketplace leadership position by taking full advantage of the window of unprecedented opportunity in front of us.”

And a bold step it is!  It’s expected that over 100 Xerox engineers who are experienced in product design and development will be added to 3D Systems R&D team.

Xerox and 3D Systems have already been collaborating over the last 15 years or so, working together on the ProJet production 3D Printer family.  The deal is expected to close by year end, and it will be exciting to see the new products that result in the next few years.