3D Systems Seminars on Power of 3D Printing 2.0

3DS Soccer Leg


Between March 12 and June 30, 2014, around the world, anyone interested in learning about the latest developments in 3D Systems’ new machines can take an educational seminar.  From Rock Hill, SC where the equipment manufacturer is located, to Baltimore, Miami, San Diego, New York, Moscow, Rome, Taipei, Israel, and everywhere in-between, local distributors will be hosting the free events.

3D Printing 2.0 is a combination of advances in underlying technology, software, hardware, materials, and processes that takes printers to the mainstream user, whether in manufacturing applications on the factory floor, rapid prototyping, medical and dental device fabrication, STEM education programs, or art, fashion, and home design.  I am a big fan of companies that listen to the end-user and don’t let design be dictated by those of us working closely in the field.  3D Printing 2.0 clearly has researched the needs, wants and desires of end-users with a variety of features and benefits important to specific applications.  

Many of the improvements will not generate media hype.  But to anyone working in a specific market segment, ease of use, materials especially formulated for targeted tasks, machine design, and software integration mean working more on the task at hand and less on making 3D Printers perform.  

To sign up for the seminars, go to 3D Systems listing of dates and locations.  Length of programs vary from location to location but the basic seminar will cover how to choose the right printer for the job, as well as updates 3D Printer performance.