The 3D4D Challenge: Better the developing world with 3D printing and win $100,000.

Attention 3D printing innovators and thinkers! wants to know if you have a transformational idea that could leverage 3D printing to deliver real social benefits to the developing world. If you do, you might be able to get the chance to work with some great people to develop your idea further, and even win the grand prize of $100,000 in their international 3D4D Challenge!’s vision is to “improve the incomes and livelihoods of small producers in some of the poorest world economies, by increasing opportunities to trade and to reduce the cost of production.” They see local 3D printing as a means to this end. And they are right. The question is, can you think of a plan that utilizes 3D printing that can change the lives of people in these undeveloped countries?

Here is what they are looking for in an idea:

  • It clearly and measurably addresses a significant social need e,g, improving the incomes of some of the world’s poorest people or improving access to clean water or energy.
  • It demonstrates real technical innovation. In other words, it brings together leading edge thinking across mobile, web, manufacturing and solar technologies.
  • It clearly demonstrates that there is a sustainable business model that underpins the idea; not simply a reliance on continual donor funding.

The exact rules will be posted on their website tomorrow, which is when the challenge begins and they start taking entries. So, start thinking today.

h/t: Shapeways