3DLT Joins PieceMaker to Offer In-Store 3D Printing


Just recently, 3DLT has announced a partnership with Pittsburgh company PieceMaker.

Together, PieceMaker and 3DLT will cross-promote and combine their technologies to make customized, unique toys that can be printed using an in-store kiosk: Factory in a Store.

3DLT is a 3D printing template marketplace where customers can purchase 3D digital files to download and print on their own 3D printers. You can also purchase the files to be printed on a 3D printer that isn’t your own, or select to have them printed on a partner 3D printer at over five hundred different locations. You can also have the products mailed to you if you prefer. Earlier this year, 3DLT was selected as one of five companies that will sell 3D printed items on Amazon.

PieceMaker Technologies is the company behind the “Factory in a Store” kiosks, which allow customers to 3D print customizable toys in toy stores in 20 minutes or less. The kiosks feature touchscreens which allow customers to pick a model from a set of designs, and change the colors or add personalized messages before printing. The first “Factory in a Store” kiosk was installed at S.W Randall Toyes and Giftes in Pittsburgh.

With the combined partnership, 3DLT’s content will be available on PieceMakers kiosk’s allowing retailers and customers alike to have more of a selection. By offering content, technology, and production services, this partnership will enable retailers to offer personalized products and shopping experiences to customers.

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