90 minutes with the “man who prints houses”

Enrico Dini thinks big. Very big. This Italian civil engineer envisions the printing of large scale, free form architecture, and is on his way to revolutionizing the construction process with his massive D-Shape printer, the largest 3D printer in the world.

Last October, we profiled him in our article, “The man who prints houses,” which has a terrific video if you’d like to learn more about him.

The video included in today’s article is a lecture given by Dini at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, in Barcelona, just a couple weeks ago. The lecture is titled, D-Shape: Petrified Algorithms, and explains the story of his challenging, painful, exciting invention process, still on-going and full of surprises, mistakes and discoveries.

For a quick introduction to Enrico Dini, you can watch this two-minute video, which is a trailer to an upcoming documentary on him:

This six-minute video will show you a lot more of the D-Shape printer: