A 3D Printed Add-On Can Turn a Smartphone Into a Tool to Diagnose Eye Disease

A group of opthamologists have combined 3D printing technology with smartphones to help provide a tool to diagnose eye diseases in the developing world.

The Peek, or Portable Eye Examination Kit app, uses a 3D printed add-on to combine with an existing smartphone to create a unique camera that can be used to provide a more complete eye examination in the field.

The project is led by Dr. Andrew Bastawrous and Stewart Jordan and is meant to fill a critical need for eye care in the poorest countries of the world.

Currently, up to 80 percent of blindness worldwide is preventable. However, many regions lack the basic tools to properly diagnose eye conditions and get people help before they can no longer see.

With the PEEK, diagnostic tools can literally fit in an opthamologist’s pocket, allowing a trained medical worker to take the specialized tools to even the most remote regions of the world and conduct examinations in the patient’s home or village.

Widely praised by eye doctors worldwide, the system recently hit £130,475 on Indiegogo and will soon be shipped to medical professional worldwide to help more people have access to quality eyecare, no matter where they are found.

Photo Credit: Peek Camera via Tech Crunch