A 3D Printed World: Terry Wohlers at TEDxTraverseCity 2013

“I have the best job in the world, because I get to follow the developments and trends in 3D printing. It is just through the roof in terms of activity and excitement around the world. The mainstream press can’t seem to get enough of it. It’s just a very, very exciting time.”

Thus begins Terry Wohlers, principal consultant and president of Wohlers Associates, Inc., a consulting firm he founded 27 years ago, at a talk given at TEDxTraverseCity 2013, an independently organized TED event. Wohlers is the name when it comes to influential persons in the 3D printing, and he’s authored hundreds of books, given over a hundred keynote addresses and is much sought after as a guest in media.

The 17 minute long grand tour of the technology is definitely worth watching, and certainly worth sharing with friends with whom you want to share the wonders of 3D printing.