A 3D Printer for the ‘Rest of Us’: The Idea Builder Prints at a Push of a Button

There is a new 3D printer on the market that claims even the most tech unsavvy folk can get it up and running in just 10 minutes.

American maker Dremel has debuted the Idea Builder at MakerCon in New York City last year and launched in the British market recently. Costing £850, it promises that it is a family-friendly design that requires little technical know-how to create designs.

The microwave-sized ‘Idea Builder’ doesn’t even need to be hooked up to a computer to work. Instead, it comes pre-loaded with a number of designs and others can be downloaded from its website.

To work, the user simply pushes a few buttons and the filament — which is fed from a spool at the top of the printer — goes to work, producing the chosen design.

While definitely not for makers who want to push the edge with their unique designs, the Idea Builder offers a family-friendly entry in 3D printing at a non-prohibitive price for those that want an easy entry into the 3D printing world.