A Video of MIT’s 3D Glass Printer is Soothing Internet Souls

MIT’s Mediated Matter Group just made a video showcasing their brand-new optically transparent glass printing process.

The whole thing is a technological marvel.

At the top is a “kiln cartridge” that operates at 1900 F, hot enough to melt the glass. At the bottom, the glass is heated and then cooled so it softens.

The glass is then extruded and layered to create amazing shapes.

Yet, while the first-of-the-kind technology is pretty impressive, MIT’s video has actually hit the web for another reason entirely. The process of printing the glass is just so soothing to watch.

In fact, Andrew Liszewski of Gizmodo called the video “Center of the Earth warm frosting.”

You can watch MIT’s video above as see for yourself just how soothing 3D glass printing can be.