About.com adds 3D printing videos

When you do a search, somewhere below the ubiquitous Wikipedia entry at the top of the page, you’ll very often see an About.com page listed in the search results. With 2.5 million pages indexed on Google, they are hard to miss. Unfortunately, like the similar eHow.com, these are pages don’t quite answer almost any question you can think up. The pages aren’t really designed to provide much information, they are designed with just just enough length of content — not necessarily quality of content — to capture search traffic.

Most of their pages are just text, but they do have a growing number of videos as well. Until now, while they had almost couple hundred pages on 3D printing, there were no videos on the subject. In the last couple weeks, they’ve published their first seven videos on 3D printers. Like all About.com pieces, they are light on content (no reflection the speaker, it’s just the format of About.com) and you are not going to get much out of them, but I found it interesting 1) that they chose to tackle anything beyond “What is 3D printing,” and 2) who they found to present. You’ll see that they’ve nabbed Shapeways CEO Peter Weijmarshausen for three of them and Makerbot “3D Printing Evangelist” Michael Curry for the other three. Matt Stultz of 3D Printing Province handles another.

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