Adidas Created This 3D-Printed Shoe out of Plastic from the Ocean


Adidas, in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, have created a running shoe using plastic found littered throughout the Earth’s oceans.

While the shoe is a prototype, the two companies are working together to try and “rethink design and help stop ocean plastic pollution.


The upper part of the shoe is made from ocean plastic, while a 3D-printed midsole of recycled polyester and gillnets are used for the other portion of the shoe.adadassshoe_fixed

Science Alert reports:

Adidas has pledged to take other steps to reduce plastic pollution like phasing out the use of plastic bags in its retail stores. Adidas says this particular goal will be achieved by the end of the first quarter of 2016.


As The Verge pointed out, the shoe’s design is based on the Adidas Futurecraft 3D, a 3D-printed shoe meant to show a potential future of on-demand shoe customisation.