Amazing 3D Food Printer Prints Chocolate, Cookie Dough and Pizza

A brand new 3D food printer is about to go on sale in the Asia markets.

Currently being shown at the IFA tech trade show in Berlin, Taiwan’s XYZ Printing will cost around £1,200 and functions much like other food printers currently on the market.

What makes XYZ’s model unique, however, is that it can print chocolate, cookie dough and pizza dough.

According to Digital Arts Online, the machine can “accommodate up to three tubes of printing product. They can be filled with a cookie dough-like mixture, chocolate or supplies to print a pizza. In that case the tubes would be filled with pizza dough, tomato sauce and cheese sauce.”

Digital Arts ads, “The unit has about two dozen preset designs, but bakers can add more via a USB port.”

The printer will be focused on commercial bakeries and will be available in the US and Europe pending regulatory red tape.